Comparative Analysis: Medicalchain and dHealthNetwork

About Medicalchain

Medicalchain was founded as a service company using Ethereum-blockchain and Smart Contracts technology to securely store user-focused electronic health records. Its currency is the MedToken, which powers the platform with an aim to allow various organisations to gain permission to access patients’ records. All transactions are recorded on the distributed blockchain ledger. Its records accessing services are available to:

  • Doctors
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacists
  • Health Insurers

It also utilises telemedicine to allow patients to communicate directly with doctors and share their health records for online consultation.

Key Features

As a blockchain-based health information platform, Medicalchain gives patients control of their health data and:

  • Reduces costs to health providers and patients
  • Works on a dual-blockchain - Etheruem ERC20 and “Hyperledger Fabric”
  • Hyperledger Fabric is a secure Linux service that allows permissions to be requested by organisations in order to access patient records via the blockchain, while patients retain control of them.

Medicalchain is legally based in the United Kingdom.

About dHealthNetwork

dHealthNetwork was founded in 2014 as a community network. We retain our community focus and have now evolved to encompass a technology platform, fund raising vehicle, banking platform and currency, powered by the dHealthNetwork tokens (dHT).

We utilise blockchain technology via Smart Contracts on the Ethereum platform and dHT as our fundraising currency, method of payment for services and also for direct investment to Action Projects.

Our community and the blockchain together also provides accountability and security for patient medical records. We incorporate an indelible rating system on the blockchain for telemedicine doctors, their diagnostics and consultation services.

Key features

dHealthNetwork is more than an ICO to raise funds for technology or secure data systems. We are a community that owns its platform, and is comprised of healthcare professionals from around the world who are united in their aim to create an accessible hub of knowledge, diagnosis and research, available to anyone with a smartphone.

dHealthNetwork is also proud to have received 27 out of 30 in the Bain & Company Elements of Value assessment

We also embrace the blockchain technology in order to provide accountable, accurate and accessible health records, so that patients can compile lifetime records that they retain control of and can feel empowered to have their health history in order to present accurate data to a doctor of their choice in our community, for a second or more opinions.

In addition, we also comply with and incorporate International Medical Records Compliance, for HIPAA, HL7, ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO27001.

One of the defining features of dHealthNetwork is our Action Projects, which are grassroots medical research and actionable community projects to improve health outcomes around the world. 72% of fundraising from the ICO goes directly to Action Projects like clean water pump initiatives, medical creation and distribution, and vital research for viable cures for medical conditions.

With a truly international reach and being legally based in Dubai with operations in Australia, we are able to sell to benefactors in the USA and China, plus to many other jurisdictions in which others are not authorised.

Given that two of the largest international markets are open to dHealthNetwork benefactors, this increases your investment in dHT with liquidity optimised.

How to support the dHealthNetwork

To learn more about the dHealthNetwork ICO, read our Lite Paper and our White Paper. You can become a part of the community and benefactor by visiting:

Features Medicalchain dHealthNetwork
Currency MedToken dHt
Community Network
Fund Raising
Technology Platform
Data Storage
Funding and profits distributed to health projects
Incorporating International Medical Records Compliance HIPAA, HL7, ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO27001.
Research Data