Comparative Analysis: Healthureum and dHealthNetwork

About Healthureum

Founded in 2016 as a company, Healthureum is an Ethereum-blockchain based healthcare platform and currency. It’s aim is to integrate blockchain technology into healthcare critical services to create standardisation, scalability and social responsibility. It uses blockchain technology via Smart Contracts and Healthureum tokens (HHEM) as both a transactional medium and method of payment to compensate healthcare professionals. Some of the services offered include:

  • Doctor Referrals
  • Second Opinions
  • Video Consultations and Diagnoses
  • Diagnostic tests from Laboratories and Clinics
Key Features

Healthureum was founded in 2016 as a company to offer innovative blockchain based solutions for healthcare, offering:

  • Transparency in data
  • Billing and claims
  • Global access to expertise
  • Secured consolidation of patient data
  • Ability for token owners to make donations for a pro-bono surgery.

Healthureum is legally based in Estonia.

About dHealthNetwork

Founded in 2014 as a community which owns its marketplace, dHealthNetwork is a decentralised social healthcare platform and community. Our aim is to improve healthcare outcomes for all people and promote equitable and functional healthcare information globally for members with smartphone access. We use blockchain technology via Smart Contracts on the Ethereum platform and dHealthNetwork tokens (dHT) as a fundraising medium, payment for services and investment in Smart Contracts and also for pioneering research and Action Projects.

Some of the services and features offered include:

  • Doctor referrals
  • Second or more opinions
  • Ability to compile lifetime medical records, all secured and accessible
  • Consultation and diagnoses
  • Indelible user ratings on the blockchain
  • Direct investment funding to health projects
  • Membership of the community and ecosystem, contributing to global healthcare research and increased medical outcomes on a global scale.
Key features

dHealthNetwork is unique in having 72% of all investment funnelled directly back into Action Projects. Some of these include providing viable cures for medical conditions, provide water pumps for clean water initiatives and fund medication creation and distribution.

Another crucial advantage for benefactors is that dHealthNetwork is legally based in Dubai, with operations in Australia. This means that we are able to sell dHT to benefactors in China and the USA, as well as many other countries in which others are not authorised.

Our global reach is wider and this helps us to create a community that is thriving and contributing value in all aspects of health research, medical expertise and project support. Also another benefit for you as a benefactor, is the wider pool of supporters. This means increased liquidity for dHT, which helps to bolster the viability of your investment within the tokens.

dHealthNetwork is also proud to have received 27 out of 30 in the Bain & Company Elements of Value assessment.

At-a-glance comparison
Features Healthureum dHealthNetwork
Currency HHEM dHt
Community Network
Fund Raising
Technology Platform
Healthcare Payments
Data Storage
Funding and profits distributed to health projects
International Medical Records Compliance with security protocols HIPAA, HL7, ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO27001.
Research Data

How to support dHealthNetwork

To learn more about the dHealthNetwork, read our Lite Paper and our White Paper. You can become a part of the community and benefactor by visiting: