The Functional Benefits of the dHealthNetwork and Why you Should Invest

dHealthNetwork is a decentralised social healthcare platform driven to support equitable and functional healthcare data access - for everyone. We established a marketplace owned by its community, in which individuals with smartphone-access can develop and maintain control of their personal health records to improve healthcare locally and globally. Our "ICO" is for members to purchase tokens in order to use the network and improve patient outcomes and fund credible health projects.

Technology’s worth is magnified by its functional value benefits. dHealthNetwork has a clear and practical vision - to create a secure health storage platform, access verified second opinions and track reliable data for global healthcare research, funded by industry members via purchase of our Tokens (dHt and dVt). Using blockchain technology allows for indelible accountability and immutable data, leading to transparent and effective research across the ecosystem, for all participants.

Why is functional value an important factor to consider when supporting the dHealthNetwork?

Functional value is abundant through dHealthNetwork for a benefactor whose funds are directly supporting the platform. 72% of all investment is pipelined back into Action-Projects that immediately improve healthcare outcomes. Some of these Action-Projects involve research into viable cures for medical conditions, supporting health and wellbeing projects, and clean water initiatives in developing nations.

dHealthNetwork demontrates it’s viability as an investment and highlights the top value propositions

Bain & Company’s value pyramid outlines key traits that guide investors to viable investments. dHealthNetwork matches 27 out of 30 of Bains Elements of Value index. Its largest category of assessment is the foundational aspect, which underpins the “Value Pyramid” and has the most crucial measurable metrics for functional value for customer engagement with the dHealthNetwork platform and dAPP.

Here are 3 key ways that the dHealthNetwork provides tangible benefits to all participating entities, whether they are consumers, service providers, researchers or benefactors when supporting the dHealthNetwork:

  1. dHealthNetwork helps consumers connect to service providers (doctors)
  2. Using the dHealthNetwork platform, consumers can consult with any practitioner in the world for a second, third, fourth (and more) opinion, with a verified review. The indelible blockchain transactions creates a reputation event or rating with each member interaction, taking the guesswork out of selecting a physician with whom to consult by seeing how they interacted with others and reviewing the outcomes of those interactions. The functional benefit of an easy, clear and transparent member connections has the potential to revolutionise health on an international level, and becoming a member means you are facilitating this important objective.

  3. dHealthNetwork makes quality a priority
  4. Service providers within the dHealthNetwork platform are motivated to give their diagnoses and treatments to their easily accessible globally clientele and create an international reputation, and develop a client listing with high ratings. This feeds into the ecosystem of accountability and quality, increasing overall advisory system standards and health outcomes. Becoming a member supports the development of a transparent platform via blockchain enabling legacy technology creating a new standard for accountability.

  5. dHealthNetwork simplifies and informs
  6. All consumers can utilise the platform to build immutable personal health records and compile lifetime health records via smartphone access, irrespective of where they live, creating a powerful functional benefit of simple yet informative access to crucial and life changing health data at a vastly reduced cost. As a benefactor of the dHealthNetwork, you are a part of the ecosystem that has a direct and clear impact on improving patient health data access via mobile phone technology, simply and effectively.

About dHealthNetwork

Beginning in 2014 with an original concept for secure storage, a crypto payment and sharing of large bioinformatics data files, dHealthNetwork has expanded its focus to include data from health devices to facilitate second opinions for the global community, for data and healthcare research and additionally AI Diagnostics to assist the consumer and practitioners communicate and learn.

dHealthNetwork curates a global community for healthcare research and medical industry benefactors to collaborate more effectively in an open, trusted environment to increase functional standards for healthcare records and access.

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