How DMAC is Shifting the Financial Landscape

Have you ever heard of digital gold? Hey yeah, I thought that was Bitcoin. Think again! Welcome to DMAC.

Bitcoin may have been erroneously reported to be the digital gold of the 21st century but it lacks some important qualities for general use in the current financial landscape. As a comparison - while Bitcoin is a volatile cryptocurrency, a DMAC is a solid, stable, block of digital gold with a irrefutable store of value.

Being able to store a value of US $1,375 in a digitally mined asset/commodity (DMAC) is giving institutional investors the confidence to store their value in crypto assets rather than leaving their cash at risk in the hands of the banks.

While you might invest in true physical gold, the gold does nothing for you. Sure, it may increase in value, but then it may fall too. DMAC takes your value and stores it in a steady state crypto asset that can yield 3-5% p.a.*

Holding assets in the crypto landscape allows all parties to rest assured their value is safe from bank bail-ins and other institutional intrusion.

DMAC can be used as a store of value for the following use cases, each with their own term and yield when attached to a dHealthNetwork Action-Project:

  • “Bond” like agreements
  • Medium Term Notes
  • Private Placement Non-Depletion Accounts
  • Line of Credit Hypothecate
  • Asset Protection
  • Trust
  • BI & CD
  • Cryptocurrency Offset
  • Holding Value for In-Ground Assets
  • Escrow Accounts
  • Term Deposits
  • Asset Swaps
  • Value Transfer Across Borders

For example, when you are are you having trouble moving money across borders to support global health initiatives like clean water or supporting health education, DMAC as a store of value, simplifies this transfer by assigning ownership of the DMAC to the Action-Project as an asset swap - avoiding the fees and costs of middlemen. This allows the Action-Project to temporarily own the asset and mine to produce a yield.

Store value in a ‘Term Deposit’ like mechanism as a DMAC with a 12 month term and receive 3-5% yield while supporting your selected Action-Project. Or sign up for a ‘Medium Term Note’ DMAC and have your value secured for 5 years with 3-5% yield*.

With our unique DMAC technology, and the patented underlying asset, dHealthNetwork has secured the space for institutional investors to take part in the emerging field of crypto assets.

Contact us on for details on how you can take advantage of this cutting edge proprietary technology.

*DMAC terms and yield vary according to use case.

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