Comparative Analysis - Enome and dHealthNetwork

About Enome

Enome is an Australian-based private company that operates a mobile medical records systems, based on Ethereum blockchain technology. They are currently preparing their token offering for their ICO, details of which will be resale in due course.

Its infrastructure has been created so that consumers can access their health records via the Enome system for patient services including:

  • Research
  • GP
  • Pathology
  • X-Ray
  • Genome
  • Hospital
  • Health Records
  • Clinical Trials
Key Features

Enome has developed a patent-pending system that:

  • Allows patients to access their medical history securely via smartphone
  • Anonymous sharing of data
  • Participation in medical research
About dHealthNetwork

Founded in 2014 as a community which now owns its marketplace, dHealthNetwork is a decentralised social healthcare platform and community available to anyone with a smartphone.

While our peers are companies that focus solely on providing the infrastructure to access patient data and embracing blockchain security for this data, dHealthNetwork go the extra mile. While we do utilise blockchain technology via Smart Contracts on the Ethereum platform, we have substantially expanded this offering by introducing dHealthNetwork tokens (dHT) as a fund-raising medium, payment for services and investment in Smart Contracts and vital research and practical Action Projects in the medical and social global communities.

Our bottom line is to exist as a live and thriving community providing a range of health related needs, from individual consultations to large scale projects in a secure and transparent framework. Blockchain helps to provide security, accountability and a direct funnel to fundraise Action Projects and allow dHT to be used to access services as well as raise funds to change lives and improve patient health outcomes internationally - be this by increasing availability to second opinions, funding clean water pump initiatives or allowing benefactors to donate directly to viable research for medical cures.

Key Features

Some of the key features of the dHealthNetwork offering include:

  • Direct referrals to doctors of your choice
  • Second or more opinions
  • Secure compilation of lifetime medical records
  • Instant consultation and diagnoses
  • User ratings indelibly recorded on the blockchain
  • Health projects directly funded by dHT from benefactors
  • Membership of the community and ecosystem, contributing to global healthcare research and increased medical outcomes on a global scale.

dHealthNetwork is Dubai-based with operations in Australia, giving us a global effectiveness and invitation to benefactors in the USA and China. By supporting dHealthNetwork as a benefactor, you can join our movement to improve health outcomes for all people, equitably and functionally, while also enjoying an investment with increased liquidity that makes a genuine social impact.

At-a-glance comparison
Features Enome dHealthNetwork
Currency To Be Announced dHt
Community Network
Fund Raising
Technology Platform
Healthcare Payments
Data Storage
Funding and profits distributed to health projects HIPAA, HL7, ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO27001.
Research Data

How to support dHealthNetwork

To learn more about the dHealthNetwork, read our Lite Paper and our White Paper. You can become a part of the community and benefactor by visiting: