The Emotional Aspects of Value

The emotional aspects of value

Inspired by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a cornerstone theory of psychological health based on the fulfilment of human needs, and the Harvard Business Review, Bain & Company developed the Elements of Value to address some very important and complex questions, with a measurable pyramid. When customers evaluate a product or service, they generally evaluate cost and other “hard” factors against value. But what about “soft” metrics that are just as instrumental in determining value? For example, like the elusive “feel-good” factor, getting rewards, feeling nostalgic or receiving access? The Bain model of assessing the emotional aspects of value has identified these within its Elements of Value pyramid and given dHealthNetwork an impressive 27 out of 30 for customer value.

The aspects covered by the category of Emotional Value are:

  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Rewards Me
  • Nostalgia
  • Design/Aesthetics
  • Badge Value
  • Wellness
  • Therapeutic Value
  • Fun/Entertainment
  • Attractiveness; and
  • Belonging

Here are many ways in which the dHealthNetwork provides benefactors with a big boost of all important emotional value when they choose to support dHealthNetwork by purchasing dHt:

dHealthNetwork reduces the anxiety of “blind” healthcare, by bringing access to medical records

Medical records are notoriously difficult to locate and share within traditional health models. dHeathNetwork empowers people by giving digital and secure access to their consolidated health records so that they are better able to inform their physicians and take an active role in their own healthcare. This increases accountability and transparency, and leads to an overall raising of healthcare outcomes and standards, globally as well as locally. By investing within the network, you are also assisting in giving therapeutic value by helping others to help themselves, and reduce the stress associated with health bureaucracy, misinformation and healthcare inequalities.

dHealthNetwork provides increased physician access to millions of consumers globally

Health is not a “one size fits all” category, and neither is physician access. Differing standards of best practices, diagnostic criteria and education mean that we have a “geographic lottery” of healthcare across the world, not to mention different diagnostic practices from doctor to doctor. The Mayo Clinic released in study in which 66% of second opinions changed from the initial diagnoses, meaning the possibility of improved and more accurate treatment options and healthcare paths. By being a benefactor of dhealthNetwork, you are helping to widen the net of second opinions, by increasing the membership of our App to include an even larger community of members and healthcare practitioners who can connect and share systems.

dHealthNetwork was the world’s first ever Ethereum healthcare dAPP and you can be a part of it

There is high-level badge value in becoming a supporter of the dHealthNetwork - we were trailblazers in 2016 when we fully embraced blockchain technology and became the world’s first cryptocurrency healthcare digital application. We are proud to be forward thinkers and hope that you will support us as we continue to push the envelope for changing the health industry on a global scale.

About dHealthNetwork

We are passionate about transforming healthcare with modern user-friendly tools. We are establishing a marketplace, owned by our community, in which individuals can use dHealthNetwork to maintain control of their personal healthcare data and engage with a global community of healthcare service providers at the touch of a button and swipe of a screen.

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