Balance Your Superannuation With DMAC for SMSF

As the Australian government prepares to sell our superannuation to fund overseas investment and banks able to bail-in at any time, the crypto world is emerging as a more secure a place to store your cash.

Where the crypto market can be volatile, a patented new stable product called the DMAC has come onto the scene, exclusive to dHealthNetwork.

A DMAC for SMSF provides a stable non-volatile store of value with the added benefit of a 5% p.a. yield when assigned to an Action-Project.

DMAC allows you to securely store values of up to US $192,500 in a crypto bond-like asset with a 12 month term. Multiple DMACs can be stored in one SMSF.

Where previously your self managed superannuation fund held at-risk cash, now it can store value in DMAC for SMSF. Easily convertible to cash, DMACs are fully backed by the dHealthNetwork ensuring your value is safe.

As part of a balanced portfolio, with the security and stability of DMAC for SMSF as your underlying asset you are free to engage in various investment strategies tailored to your needs.

An exclusive offer to our members, dHealthNetwork will waive the setup costs of a self managed superannuation fund, as well as the first year accounting and audit fees. This offer is exclusive to our Australian membership when they purchase 6 or more DMAC for SMSF in a single transaction.*

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