The 4 Life Changing Effects of Raising Funds for dHealthNetwork


dHealthNetwork is a decentralised social healthcare platform that will change lives on a global scale. Through the purchase of our dHt or dVt, we are raising funds to deploy and secure a transparent platform where consumers have access to their health data, and can receive expert second opinions from healthcare service providers worldwide via our App— the impact of which will truly changes lives on a global scale.

Blockchain and healthcare - A partnership for positive change

In 2016, dHealthNetwork fully embraced blockchain technology and digitally mined assets, becoming the first Ethereum healthcare dAPP. By embracing blockchain enabled services, old industries are being rejuvenated. Smart contracts and blockchain create a new nexus for revolutionising the health industry with the potential to improve life expectancy, life quality and healthcare standards for millions of people internationally.

How does the dHealthNetwork enable life changing impact?

Member funding through the purchase of dHt and dVt will continue the reach of our blockchain toolkit and cement dHealthNetwork’s position as a global sovereign healthcare community with an equitable constitution for life changing, globalised healthcare.

Practically speaking, members of the network can convert digital cryptocurrencies (like Ethereum, Bitcoin etc.) into dHealthNetwork Tokens (dHT). These dHT are in turn used to fund Action Projects and create the tools used to make them.

Elements of Value for Life Change

As a recipient of 27 out of 30 of the Bain Elements of Value Index scores, here are 4 ways that supporting the dHealthNetwork energises global life changing impact:

Life Changing Effect 1: Investing in dhealthNetwork’s means investing in hope

Research released by the Mayo Clinic in 2017 revealed that 88% of primary medical diagnoses received a different second opinion. Of these 88%, a total of 21% were misdiagnosed and 66% required a change to their initial diagnosis. In contrast, dHealthNetwork gives access to members for second opinions and provides individuals with access to their medical data so that they can consult with health service providers worldwide. By supporting dHealthNetwork, you are changing lives by investing in second chances for hope and a different diagnosis.

Life Changing Effect 2: Buying into the network supports real Action Projects

dHealthNetwork ensures that 72% of funds raised go directly going to support smart contract enabled Action Projects including:

  • Increased access to diagnoses from doctors
  • Water pumps for remote villages in developing countries
  • Research for viable cures for medical conditions

Being a dHealthNetwork benefactor means impacting change on a global scale with Action Projects that improve the quality of health and life for millions of people whose locations limit their healthcare outcomes under traditional health models.

Life Changing Effect 3: Raising funds through dHealthNetwork also creates a collaborative community for research

Collaboration on a global scale is the cornerstone of the dHealthNetwork vision. Members of the dHealthNetwork vote for action projects using dHT as an advanced “digital currency crowdfunding” platform. This collaboration allows healthcare professionals to contribute towards life changing research data via Action Projects and benefit the entire community with improved health outcomes. All of this is possible by sharing research and data, funded by your involvement in the dHealthNetwork.

Life Changing Effect 4: Let’s all be healthy, wealthy and wise

Changing lives globally and widely through dHealthNetwork also improves the lives of investors with tangible benefits and value. By directly serving the creators and members who invest in each Action Project, greater marketplace liquidity is provided. Furthermore, every action on the dHealthNetwork blockchain is digitally mined, and miners derive a nominal income by running their nodes (supporting the network) which provides ongoing value between action projects.

About dhealthNetwork

Beginning in 2014 with an original concept for secure storage and sharing of large bioinformatics data files, dHealthNetwork has expanded its focus to create a secure health storage platform for medical second opinions and a global community for healthcare research. It creates a global community for research and for medical industry investors to collaborate more effectively in an open, trusted environment to measurably changes lives.

To learn more and become a supporter of dHealthNetwork, go to: