Why Action-Projects underpin our dHealthNetwork

What if health charities became extinct?

What if you didn’t need Health insurance to obtain world class diagnosis and treatment in remote reaches of the planet?

What if activities such as visiting your doctor, confidentiality sharing your health data with researchers, investing in your self managed super funds, and helping out with health initiatives in developing countries generated income to fund these “what ifs”?

Currently our healthcare is disjointed and dependant on where you live varies in health quality and cost. Unsustainable economic models that inflate value, exhaust resources, and centralise wealth and data are needing major reforms to ensure equitable access to healthcare across the globe.

Consistent with the World Health Organisation purpose the dHealthNetwork team is building a system moving towards universal health coverage for the globe.

To do this we are utilizing blockchain and other technologies to provide a secure and encrypted platform to enable members to work together to improve the health and wellbeing of members and their community.
We call these collaborations Action-Projects.

Currently investments in our DMAC and dHt products are tied to specific Action-Projects to fund and support them through membership endorsement to build reputation. As we grow our services our goal is to have a seamless project management tool that allows people to collaborate on projects that they initiate, present for funding, and implement and get reports on how successful they are.

The types of Action-Projects are:

  • Health care initiatives
  • Health research
  • Project Funding
  • Service provider onboarding
  • Technology improvement

Through Our Action-Projects we are incentivising preventive health, growing health services globally and distributing trust, value and knowledge through the blockchain.

For more see our Action-Project page.