Funding research on Vibration Technology

Vibration technology is a non invasive treatment using a large range of frequencies, electromagnetic, plasma or scalar waves that have the potential to treat a vast range of diseases including virus/bacteria infections, cancer, joint conditions, skin conditions and manage pain using sound generators and resonance field to heal people. The technology is based on the work of Royal Rife and Nikola Tesla and provides an affordable, enhanced and miniaturized version of the original inventions.

While there is some evidence that these technologies have positive health benefits, there is little scientific research that supports it as a useful treatment. The purpose of the Action-Project is to research the claims and determine its efficacy and safety and publish the results.

This Action-Project's purpose is to understand how this technology interacts with the human body. Guidelines for the treatment, safety and recognised standards for calibration of equipment will also be investigated and determined. Also research will determine which particular diseases maybe addressed.