The Problem

We unfortunately live in a society that is somewhat out of balance.
Harassment, family violence, stalking, assaults, and other forms of community harm are rife. This can affect any walk of life and is also a real threat to staff / volunteers within community services and healthcare sectors during their work.

Family Violence Stats

The Solution

Verisafe help with concerns around the stress, anxiety and fear that team members (and their families) can face when working alone or in unpredictable environments.

The Action-Project

Funds raised through this Action - Project will support not for profit organisations with our personal safety service. With a $60 contribution we can provide Verisafe to a vulnerable worker or community member for 12 months.

Some of the target groups to support are:

  • Domestic violence;
  • Exploitation of children;
  • Homeless;
Through this support the project will engage with organisations who work directly with vulnerable members of the wider community who may wish to distribute Verisafe memberships to vulnerable people.

Your support will allow Verisafe to partially subsidise (ideally fully sponsor) more charity groups and not for profits who can protect workers, volunteers and clients.

In addition to our safety tool, we are busy creating online learning around holistic workplace safety (emotional, energetic, physical and mental safety are required to be all that we can be as human beings).
We provide printed and online educational resources such as road safety tips, travel safety and tips around supporting vulnerable workers.

Current Collaborations

Currently Verisafe support a number of organisations in New Zealand and Cambodia (fully sponsored or at our cost price):

  • Wellington HELP
  • Victim Support
  • The Wellington Night Shelter
  • Life Unlimited
  • Free To Shine Cambodia
  • Women’s Refuge
  • MS Waikato