World Hydroponic Greenhouse Solution

The Problem

Rising World populations, climate change enhanced water shortages and droughts, soil fertility decline, environmental degradation, pollution and rising costs just to name a few reasons and problems that our population and farmers face in the future for the production of our food.

Our Solution

The delivery of highly advanced Hi Tech, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Greenhouse in a scalable modular form to where they are needed globally.

Food grown locally, delivered locally, fresh every day, 365 days a year.

Our Greenhouse is a self-contained fully operational farm with a footprint of 60ft x 96ft total area of 5,760sqf (18.3m x 29.3m total area of 536.2sm) producing 41,850 plant sights for 40,000+ lbs (18,145+kg) per month.

We can put 20 x Greenhouses on 5 acres of land for a total output of 800,000+ lbs per month of fresh produce. (approx. 26,700lbs / 12,140kg per day).

Each Greenhouse contain their own solar and wind generated energy and stores the energy in super capacitor batteries inside each Greenhouse. Our greenhouse farms have the ability to achieve zero net energy production outside of the grid.

We also have the option to use microgrid technology and connect our greenhouse farms to each other and share the energy or send the extra energy to a grid.

Each greenhouse has its own geothermal heat exchange system (GTHP) to reduce the cost of heating and cooling the greenhouse

While our technology touches all 17 United Nation's Sustainability Development Goals in some form our primary focus is Goal 2: Zero Hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

The Action-Project

We are looking for partnerships with people or groups whose goals are aligned with Zero Hunger. To give equal opportunity to people around the world starting with the basic needs of water, food and energy for local food production.