Disrupting Diabetes Digitally

Globally 422 million adults have diabetes, 1.6 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year.

Also 1 in 3 adults aged over 18 years is overweight and 1 in 10 is obese a critical risk factor in developing diabetes.

Locally 1.7 million Australians have diabetes. This includes all types of diagnosed diabetes (1.2 million known and registered) as well as silent, undiagnosed type 2 diabetes (up to 500,000 estimated).

Australian Credentialled Diabetes Educators are amongst the best qualified in education and management of diabetes and offer excellent skills and abilities in effecting behaviour change on a personal level. An electronic consultation service for people with diabetes would allow access via mobile devices.

Preventing the complications of diabetes leads to better quality of life, longer life and less hospitalisations, saving lifes and finally leading to better health outcomes and a healthier society.

This Action-Project will develop technology to share knowledge online for equitable and affordable access to life saving information.