"Your Water, My Water"

This documentary project, “Your Water, My Water” seeks to demonstrate the efforts of the community to prevent the expansion of the mine, so that other families and residents can connect with what they have been achieving and to build on the knowledge and appreciation of groundwater systems.

The objectors to this coal mine expansion are subject to ongoing misinformation generated by New Acland Coal, a subsidiary of the New Hope Corporation, and other pro-coal media outlets, which not only prevents their information from getting out to the public but skews local opinion to prevent good support.

This documentary project is designed to show how their efforts have been halting the mine's progress and to contextualise their situation globally.

Recognised by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to protect and restore water-related ecosystems, including mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, aquifers by 2020, this Action-Project will attract funding to share knowledge via the production of documentary for raising awareness for protecting one of our most precious life giving resources - water.