"dHealthNetwork Transforming the Health Industry."
dHealthNetwork is a community owned decentralised health platform allowing its members to easily and securely send their health information to healthcare providers anywhere in the world, resulting in cost effective consultations and second-opinions globally.
Giving members control of their personal health information, dHealthNetwork empowers the individual so they can achieve improved health outcomes.

Ownership of data dHealthNetwork allows members to securely create, store, transfer, and access their personal health records and data...
  • Second-opinions from healthcare practitioners around the world can be quickly, safely, and cost-effectively acquired, with members controlling how much of, and when, their health information is accessed.
  • All information is stored and transferred in a format that is recognised by healthcare providers around the world.
  • The platform is fully compliant with HIPAA, HL7, ISO9000, ISO9001, and ISO27001
INTRODUCING ACTION-PROJECTS dHealthNetwork Action-Projects are health related projects with a specific location, budget and timeline.
  • Members submit a proposal for an Action-Project through the dHealthNetwork platform where it can get approved by members and opened to funding opportunities.
  • Members can generate revenue in the form of dHealth tokens by supporting or participating in Action-Projects, even profit sharing in some cases.
Fundraising for Action Action-Projects can be endorsed and funded by anyone in the dHealthNetwork community.
  • Fundraise for personal medical procedures
  • Fund a philanthropic health initiative
  • Fund your cutting edge research
STABLE CRYPTO ASSETS Our industry-first, truly stable crypto asset, the DMAC, allows members to receive a yield on their investment while supporting life changing Action-Projects.
  • Unlike ‘traditional’ crypto currencies, which are based on speculative value, the DMAC is priced by an index, providing a consistency not available within the typically volatile cryptocurrency marketplace.
  • Because of their stable and constant nature, DMACs are being used to fund projects around the world.
PROGRESSING MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE Members have the opportunity to generate revenue by contributing selected portions of data for medical research or other Action-Projects
  • Members have the option to de-identify their health datainformation, making it anonymous, and provide it to researchers who can use the data to advance medical knowledge, developing better treatments and positive healthcare outcomes.
  • One of the great barriers to research into new treatments is getting funding to collect data. Members can help lower these barriers by opting to share their data anonymously
dHealthNetwork Community App Currently available on Android and soon to be released on IOS.

The dHealthNetwork app enables members to:

  • Stay up to date: Get priority access to news and updates before social media
  • Create, vote, and invest in Action-Projects around the globe (coming soon)
  • Get insight on Action-Projects: browse current Action-Projects to access detailed information, demos, and more (coming soon)
Benefits to Healthcare Consumers


  • Connects healthcare consumers with healthcare service providers for private, affordable, world-class diagnosis and health services.
  • Returns power to members (“patients”) by giving them ownership of their personal health records creating transformed healthcare worldwide.
  • Provides access to global healthcare service providers for multiple, fast, independent consultations and verified opinions to achieve accurate and transparent outcomes.

Benefits to Healthcare Service Providers


  • Allows healthcare service providers to easily access all of the patient data needed to provide a more complete diagnosis, with the consent of the patient.
  • Allows for healthcare service providers to receive validated ratings on the blockchain in order to help build a verified international reputation.
  • Connects healthcare service providers to patients all around the world.

Benefits to Benefactors


  • Allows for members to use their superannuation to provide altruistic outcomes along with fixed personal returns
  • Supports Action-Projects: DMACs provide a yield of approximately 10% p.a., with 5% going to the DMAC holder and the other 5% going to the Action-Project.
  • Provides members with access to global financial infrastructure for banking and remittance in 28 different fiat currencies and 4 cryptocurrencies/crypto assets.

Benefits to Researchers


  • Provides researchers with direct access to verified medical data via a constant stream of de-identified health information from dHealthNetwork members.
  • Allows access to cost-effective peer to peer, blockchain validated medical data.
  • Provides access to larger and more diverse sources of verified health data through dHealthNetwork’s global community.

A global health platform connecting healthcare consumers, healthcare service providers, benefactors and researchers

dHealthNetwork is a decentralised healthcare platform that will change lives on a global scale. It’s core function utilises blockchain technology to globally impact a range of health related needs from individual consultations to large scale projects in a secure and transparent framework.

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